Special Event Permits

Special Event means any concert, parade, fair, show, festival, carnival, rally, party, filming of a movie, video or television show, motorcade, run, street dance, bike-a-thon, race, walk, athletic event or other attended outdoor entertainment or celebration that is to be held in whole or in part upon publicly owned property or public right-of-way, or if held wholly upon private property, will nevertheless affect or impact the ordinary and normal use by the general public of public property or public rights-of-way within the vicinity of the event.

Any person or organization desiring to conduct or sponsor a special event in the City shall first obtain a special event permit from the City. Please complete the Special Event Application by clicking on the link below and return to City Hall at least one (1) month prior to the event. If you would like the event on the community sign (and it falls into correct criteria) or would like to have event banners placed along Patriot Avenue, please fill out the Special Event Banner/Community Sign Application below.

Please contact City Hall with any questions at (218)568-5222 or email to cityhall@pequotlakes-mn.gov

Special Event Application

Special Event Banner Application and/or Community Sign Application (if applicable)

Special Event Banner Policy

Special Event Banner Map